• starting at $325
  • classic, utilitarian, comfortable
  • one size fits 4'10"-5'8" (highly adjustable seat and handlebar)
  • step thru frame
  • full fenders covering wheels and chain
  • upright and easy to ride.
  • European design updated with 700c wheels to whip around our city
  • much faster and lighter weight than it looks!
  • starting at $325
  • light weight matte black frames
  • small (4'10"-5'6"), medium (5'6"-5'11") or large (5'11"-6'5")
  • classic road geometry, adapted for city riding / commuting
  • same low price since 2013 with a ton of upgrades!
  • 700*28c tires
  • riser bars come standard. handlebar options start at $20-35
  • Call our shop at (718)596.3999 to discuss custom build options!


Affordable, reliable, city bikes. Designed in Brooklyn for all types of city riding.


Our single speed and internally geared bikes are simple, intuitive and fun to ride. For 2017, we focused on making the process of customizing your bike as easy and affordable as possible. You can throw on skinny race tires, bigger hybrid tires to handle the bumps and potholes, or anything in between to find a middle ground between speed and comfort.

For all bikes we offer five handlebar options to cater to the riding styles of just about everyone: whether you're a casual weekend cruiser, a daily bridge commuter or a professional 9-5 messenger. In addition to the handlebar options, the quill stem allows for 4 inches of vertical handlebar adjustability to further satisfy aggressive or laid back riding preferences. And all our bikes come in your choice of single or 3 speed.

You will not find this degree of customization anywhere for prices like ours. We've cut out the middle man and have worked directly with our manufacturer for years now to come up with a city bike that is reliable and won't break the bank. Unlike other bike brands, we have a direct relationship with our customers and receive feedback quickly when things go wrong. We are the only full service bike shop in Brooklyn to design and sell its own line.

The new 2017 models are our fourth generation. We've upgraded the tires, headsets, brakes, cranksets, and added more frame mounts. We saw too many flat tires, and now include cloth rim tape standard. No other bike company does this for bikes in this price point. In fact, we have not raised our prices from 2014, even with all the upgrades!

Our high tensile steel frames are built to last and are backed by a 5 year warranty. All bikes come with a 90 day warranty covering defects and minor adjustments of all components. We ride these bikes ourselves and take pride in them.

We are not your typical bike shop.

Most bike shops will listen to what you are looking for in a bike, and then show you what they have in stock that is closest to your requirements. We design our own bikes, and have been listening to NYC riders for four years now, each year making improvements.

We are not like other bicycle brands.

We sell our bikes locally from our shop, where we also do repairs. When customers have issues, they bring their bikes back to us. The feedback process is fast and direct. When anything goes wrong, we find out about it and rethink the design. This is why our 2017 bikes have upgraded headsets, cloth rim tape, redesigned frame geometry, and tires better equipped to handle rough city streets.