What is The Bike Truck?

The Bike Truck is a full-service, retail storefront bike shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. ( We are no longer a truck -- but we used to be! ) We sell new and vintage bicycles that are affordable, practical, and reliable. We are here to make your commute better and your weekends more fun!

We started as vintage-only bike shop, bringing unused and under-appreciated vintage cycles from rural areas to the city, where they are given a second life. We rebuild and refurbish vintage bikes because they are a great value, recycled, and because it's kind of cool to be riding a bike that's older than you are.

We are still one of the most prominent vintage bike shops in the city, and in recent years have become better known for The Bike Truck brand of new bicycles that we design in house. These light weight steel bikes are versatile enough to be built for daily commuters, casual weekend cruisers, or even professional bike messengers. We are the only bike shop in NYC to design and sell its own line. Unlike big bike brands, we have a direct relationship with our customers to receive feedback.

Do you take returns or exchanges?

Yep, we want to know if you're unhappy with your bike for any reason.

If you buy a bike from us, you can try it out for two weeks. If you don't like it, you can bring it back and exchange for a different bike. We don't charge a fee for exchanges unless the original bike has been damaged.

We accept returns within 14 days for cash (15% restocking fee) or store credit (no fee as long as the bike is not damaged).

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes, you can trade your old bike plus cash for any of our new or used bikes for sale. If you bring your bike in, we will let you know how much store credit it will earn. Usually we give between $20 and $100. If you email us pictures we can give you an estimate. We don't take department store bikes from any era, and we don't usually take mountain bikes as trade-ins either.

What is your warranty policy?

Within 90 days of purchase all defects and minor adjustments are covered under warranty. Just bring your bike in to the shop and we'll take care of you! This is true for used bikes as well, if there was a faulty part that we should have replaced before selling, we will replace it free of charge.

Crash damage, bent rims, externally caused flat tires, and bikes with the brakes removed are not covered. In general, if the problem has an outside cause, it will not be covered. If it's an underlying problem that was there when we sold the bike, we'll cover it.

If you're unsatisfied with a Bike Truck purchase for any reason please email the shop owner directly at jake@thebiketruck.com.

What do you do to make sure that you don't buy/sell stolen bikes?

We don't buy any bikes from individuals or dealers in New York City because they are much more likely to be stolen. (Also, we believe that by bringing bikes into the city, we are increasing the supply and therefore helping keep prices down.)

We try to buy as much as we can from non-profit groups who take bikes as donations. We also buy from hobbyists in rural PA, NJ and CT who pick bikes at garage sales. The bikes usually have clearly not been ridden in many years -- they are covered in debris with dry rotted tires and rock hard brake pads. The frames are generally in excellent condition and do not have marks from being locked outside. If we came across a dealer who had mostly bikes with new tires and marked up frames we would report him to the police.

We consider our other two sources of bikes to also have extremely low likelihood of producing stolen bikes:
1.) Donations:  Nobody is going to steal a bike just so they can donate it.
2.) Trade-Ins: People who steal bikes want to get cash for them, not pay cash to trade for a different bike. We take trade-ins, and buy bikes from bike shops in the suburbs who take trade-ins.


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