Step Two: Single Speed or Three Speed?

We chose our single speed gear ratio as the best single speed for the city. And we made it the middle gear (#2) on our 3-speeds. Switch to a lower or higher gear with the flick of the wrist. First gear has less resistance and allows you to spin your legs faster, or take it easier up hills. 3rd gear has high resistance and allows for a higher top speed.

Shifting is very smooth, easy to operate, and intuitive. 3 gears span a range similar to a 10 or 12 speed, but with fewer increments. Internal gear system is mostly hidden visually and requires virtually no maintenance.


Light weight, simple, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. Geared for city riding. Going uphill and accelerating, you stand up and use your total body and core. Flip flop rear wheels, so you can ride fixed gear or single speed.





Do I need gears?

Brooklyn is relatively flat and does not necessarily require multiple speeds, especially for casual riding. People tell us all the time that even with a multi-speed, they only shift on the bridges. Others enjoy shifting frequently and may even shift at every stop light. The choice is really up to you.

Is 3 speeds enough?

Most of our costumers find 3 speeds to be enough. The range of gears is wide enough to tackle any of the bridges. 3 speeds may be insufficient if you need to ride up very steep hills, or if you are picky about your cadence (e.g. keeping the speed/RPM of your legs the same regardless of how fast the bike is going). We are confident that you will be very pleased with the gear ratio that we have selected for our bikes.