How To Maintain Your TBT Bicycle

Inflate your tires regularly.

Rubber is porous and constantly leaks a minuscule amount of air. You need to fill them up at least twice a month or your bike will become noticeably slower. Check at least once per week. TBT tires should be inflated to 85-100 psi depending on your weight and riding preference. Higher pressure means a harder tire and a faster ride. Softer will dampen the vibrations in the road but will slow you dow

If your tire gets low on pressure and you hit a big bump, the tire may compress all the way to the rim and cause a pinch flat (ripping open the inner tube), and may even dent your rim.

Do a quick check when you take your bike out.

Before you get on your bike, especially after locking up in public, do a quick visual check to make sure nothing obvious is out of the ordinary, squeeze the brakes as hard as you can, as you start to roll the bike feel and listen for anything rubbing or grinding. When you ride, be alert for anything that feels or sounds out of the ordinary.

Cleaning / Lubrication

It's a good idea to wipe your bike down after riding in the rain or through salty winter roads. *********

If you ride regularly, you should clean and lubricate your chain at least once a month. There are two types of chain lubes. Wet lube is better performing but stays wet and thus dirt will stick to the chain, and require more frequent cleaning. Dry lube does not require regular cleaning, but will wash off in the rain, and thus requires

Chain Tension

WIth use, the chain will gradually stretch and become visually looser (more slack/sagging). This can be remedied by moving the wheel back to slightly lengthen the distance between the two gears. When the chain has stretched by 1% of it's original length, it should be replaced.


Brakes will gradually become looser as the brake pads wear down and the cable housing compresses. Brakes can be tightened with no tools using barrel adjusters on either end of the cable housing. Adjusting these is the opposite of righty-tighty, because as the barrel adjusters "loosen" they increase the length of the cable housing and make the brakes tighter.

When the brake pad rubber is worn down past the notches it is time to replace them. Waiting until there is no rubber left is extremely dangerous, because the metal of the brake shoe will scrape and wear down the rim, potentially destroying the wheel.

TBT bikes come standard with cartridge style brake pads, meaning only a rubber insert needs to be replaced, not the whole brake pad. This investment makes replacing pads cheaper and easier in the long run.


Our 3 speed and 7 speed internal geared bikes require virtually no maintenance to the gears. Set up properly, the gears should basically never go out of adjustment. All shifting issues are covered under warranty unless there is obvious externally caused damage. Maintaining an internally geared bike is much easier than a bike with traditional gearing.

Fixing Flats

Learning how to fix a flat tire can save you time, money, and the inconvenience of having to drag your bike over to a repair shop. There are quite a few mistakes that can be made replacing an inner tube, it is best to learn from someone who can watch you practice