Affordable, reliable city bikes. Designed in Brooklyn.

Professionally fit to your body and riding style. Starting at $359.


Professionally Fit

It's important that your bike fits you well, and there's a lot more to this than just raising the seat to the right height. Traditional bike fitting is basically only done for racing bikes. It's too expensive for people just looking to get around the city, because of how time consuming and complicated the fitting process is. The fitter needs to take all your measurements, write them down, and choose a combination of frame and parts for you that are not actually in front of him. This requires a lot of knowledge and expertise from the fitter, and it means that you, the rider, cannot physically test ride the bike before it is purchased!

I've found a way to hack the bike fitting experience, making it practical and affordable for commuters buying a new bike. (The fitting is free whether you buy a bike or not.) By starting with a simple frame that is highly adjustable, I can mock up a variety of seats and handlebars onto the frame, so that you can physically test out all the options on a trainer (a stationary bike). The process is lightning fast and gives you the ability to pedal on the exact bike you will be purchasing without even worrying about traffic. Then of course you can test ride outside to feel the bike on the road.

Before you buy a bike, I want to make sure that it fits you.

Low Maintenance

Single speed and internally geared bikes are much lower maintenance than bikes with traditional, external gearing systems. Single speeds have the minimal amount of moving parts necessary, and thus less parts to break or need replacing or maintenance. Internal gear systems are great for city / commuter bikes, and have many advantages that I feel are worth much more than the small, additional upfront cost. The gears are completely enclosed inside the hub of the rear wheel, and never get mucked up with dirt, which slows down the drivetrain, wears the components faster, and requires additional maintenance just to clean. There are also no derailleurs, meaning a clean, aesthetically simple chain line, but more importantly, no chance that someone will bang into your derailleur while you're parked and render your bike unrideable until it is replaced. It also means that your chain will not fall off if you switch gears incorrectly.