June 2019 - Surge Pricing is in effect for all tune ups!

A. Basic Tune Up

$105 + tax


Remove + True Wheels
Adjust Brakes
Adjust Shifters and Derailleurs
Adjust Headset, Bottom Bracket
Drive Train Clean + Lubrication
Check Tire Pressure
Torque All Fasteners / Full Safety Check

B. Standard Tune

$125 + tax

Includes everything in the Basic Tune Up, plus a cosmetic and mechanical cleaning of the bike, hub adjustment to get your wheels spinning smoothly, and a professional test ride to ensure no issues under rider weight. If your bike is very dirty it may not qualify for the $65 tune up.

C. Deluxe Tune Up

$180 + tax

For bikes that need a little more attention, usually from sitting outside in the elements. Includes everything in the standard tune up, plus cosmetic services such as rust removal and deep cleaning. Depending on the bike's condition, may include bearing overhauls.

D. Full Overhaul

$275 + tax

Includes everything in the Standard Tune, plus an overhaul of headset, bottom bracket & hub bearings. This means anything that spins on your bike will be completely taken apart, cleaned and repacked with fresh grease to ensure that it spins as smoothly as possible.

Tune Ups are prices for labor only and do not include replacement parts. However, if purchasing a tune up, we usually do comp the labor charge on the installation of grips, pedals, saddles, and other small parts if the bike is in relatively good shape otherwise.
The installation of most components are normally not included in a standard tune up.

A La Carte

Flat Fix $17 (standard tube included)
- eBike / Cargo / Dutch Bike +$8
- with thorn resistant tube +$5
Brake Adjustment $12
Derailleur / Gear Adjustment $12
Headset Adjustment $10
Headset Overhaul $30
Hub Adjustment $15
Hub Overhaul (front) $40
Hub Overhaul (rear) $45
Internal Gear Hub Overhaul $45-65
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $15
Bottom Bracket Overhaul $30-60
Wheel True $15-$25
Brake Bleed $35
Drivetrain Cleaning $30
Bike Wash $30-$65
Cut Handlebars $15

Mobile Repairs, Pickup & Delivery

We now offer pickup and delivery within Brooklyn for tune ups! If you are busy or your bike physically cannot roll we can come to you! To schedule a service, email jake@thebiketruck.com or use the "Message" feature from your mobile device on our Google Maps listing: https://goo.gl/maps/bpLA61LCxBz and tell us where you are located. If you need immediate help please call the shop at 718.596.3999.

Parts Install

Basket $15
Baby Seat $25
Bottom Bracket $30
Brake Calipers $20
Brake Disc Rotor $15
Brake Levers $20
Brake Levers (suicide) $50
Brake Pads $10 to $15
Cable (shift or brake) $15
Cassette $10
Chain $10
Chainring $15
Chain to seat (anti-theft) $10
Cog + Lockring $15
Crank Arm (left only) $10
Crankset $30
Derailleur $25
Derailleur Hanger $25
Fender (half length, EZ) $10
Fender (full length, EZ) $20
Fender (standard, non-EZ) $40
Freewheel $10
Fork $45
Grips minimum labor*
Handlebar $30
Handlebar Tape $15
Headset $30 to $45
Kickstand minimum labor*
Pedals $10
Rack $15
Saddle minimum labor*
Shifter $25
Spoke $25 +$1 per additional spoke
Toe Clip / Strap $15
Tube / Tire $10


Builds / Packing

Kids Bike Build (single speed, no hand brakes) $50
Adult Bike Build (from box) $85
Road Bike Build (from box) $105
Frame Up (full build) $250
Bike Boxing $50
Bike Boxing and Shipping $65 + shipping










*minimum labor is currently $6 and is usually comped if the part is purchased from us

Simple jobs can usually be done on the spot on a walk-in basis.

Most tune ups can be done on a weekday in about 24 hours. Weekend tune-ups can easily spill over to Monday.

Same day guarantee is available for some jobs for an additional $25.